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Partnering with “Cancer Parents” in the cancer patient community

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Partnering with “Cancer Parents” in the cancer patient community

The history and background of our partnership with Cancer Parents

Organization for cancer patients who are working parents of children

The late Yohei Nishiguchi founded Cancer Parents in 2016 after being diagnosed with stage IV cancer at the age of 35. Mr. Nishiguchi created a place for cancer patients who are also working parents to connect with one another. As a medical and healthcare company, Medilead has supported Cancer Parents since its founding.

To eliminate the alienation from society that affects cancer patients

Cancer Parents aims to not only connect cancer patients in similar circumstances, but also empower them to engage in economic and social activities as independent members of society.
Cancer Parents’ vision stems from the sense of "alienation from society" that Mr. Nishiguchi himself felt. Cancer is a disease that varies from person to person, and there are many patients who are still able to work as usual. However, being a cancer patient often changes the way people view you, and there are many patients who are unable to engage normally in social activities as a result.

"Partnering" to bring a positive influence to social and economic activities

“Connecting cancer patients to support one another in participating in ‘normal’ economic and social activities…” In this, Cancer Parents and Medilead share a similar philosophy: To pursue our happiness and the future of healthcare.
Above all, as a company conducting marketing research in the medical and healthcare fields, we believe that working with Cancer Patients as "partners" rather than "supporters" will help create a more positive influence on each other’s social and economic activities.
Through this connection, our company has continued to work with Cancer Patients on various occasions up to the present.

Future Prospects

Speak for and express the thoughts and feelings of cancer patients

While we have a tendency to provide cancer patients with special treatment, their true desire is to be treated normally and to lead a normal social life.
As a company that conducts research, we are able to project and communicate the true feelings of cancer patients—which are often difficult to convey to the general public—to the world. We hope to continue creating opportunities for cancer patients to communicate their thoughts and being the impetus that empowers them to lead normal lives.

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