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Market Intelligence Department Manager


Project manager who is responsible for overlooking all aspects of a research from start to finish.

After completing the Master of Pharmacy course, She started her career as a pharmacist. After that, she obtained an MBA in the UK and participated in our company. Currently contributing to many projects as a manager. We asked her about Medilead.

Please tell us about your job.

I am currently based out of the newly established Kansai branch office, which opened in July 2019.
My work as a project manager consists mainly of communicating with the client regarding all aspects related to the project. After listening to and understanding what the client wants to identify in research, I will propose a research outline based on that information. The project workload is divided up among a team of about 3 members per project, and the team is responsible for designing questionnaires, preparing guides for interviews, and creating reports on research results. I am usually in charge of about 5 projects at any given time.
Medilead is unique because we can manage the entire research process from planning to conducting the research and reporting the results. Our one-stop service is frequently requested by our clients and managing projects with a small group of specialized professionals helps us build a more personal relationship with clients. It’s a very rewarding job.

What is your average day in the office like?

Medilead have adopted a flextime system, and we can flexibly respond to the business situation , so It’s not always the case, but in many cases I often start my workday a little early and begin by checking my e-mail. I often perform tasks that require more accuracy during that time such as logic checks for research.
My afternoons consist mostly of meetings and follow-ups with younger employees. Depending on the day, I may attend an online interview.

Our Kansai branch office is the first step in allowing employees to work from anywhere in the world.

How comfortable is your workplace?

It’s very comfortable. Many of our staff are gentle and kind, but they are still very serious when it comes to getting work done. In addition, our team has a culture of recognizing each other’s individuality, and we work synergistically by leveraging each other’s strengths.
I believe this kind of environment, where I am constantly inspired and stimulated by those around me, also fuels my personal growth.

What is the best thing about working at Medilead?

The flexibility to work freely without being bound by any stereotypes. The Kansai branch office where I currently work was opened because of the company’s desire—even before the Coronavirus pandemic—to "establish a system and environment that will allow our employees to perform their work wherever they are in the future.” At the time, I had a desire to work in the Kansai region, and the Kansai branch office was created as the first in a series of initiatives. I was able to begin working remotely, which was not yet a common practice back then.
I support the company strengthening its initiative to allow employees to work not only in Japan, but also anywhere in the world.

I want to work with inquisitive, engaged individuals who are interested in keeping up with what’s going on in the world.

What is your message to those who are interested in working at Medilead?

What is your message to those who are interested in working at Medilead?
We offer services in high-profile fields such as healthcare and marketing, and it is a very rewarding workplace where we can be of service to society through research. In this field of work, employees are expected to be able to operate projects autonomously and independently.
I believe those who are willing to take the initiative to learn on their own and who are not afraid of a little friendly competition with team members who have diverse strengths will find Medilead to be a welcoming environment.
We are currently in a phase where we are looking for and welcoming new talent in order to achieve further growth as a company. If you are inquisitive and want to be engaged in what is going on around the world, we would love to have you join us at Medilead.

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