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In-depth Interview (IDI)

This type of interview is the detailed interview with one respondent.
This can be done in the facility, visit, or remoting tool (web or telephone).
This method is suitable to deeply understand insight of respondents’ (physicians, other HCPs, patients, etc.) actions which is difficult to perceive by quantitative research. Experienced moderators educe deep psyche of those respondents.

Web Research

This is the questionnaire through the Internet. This method can collect a large amount of research data in a short period of time and is suitable for quick business solution.

Focus Group Interview (FGI)

This is a tool for qualitative market research where a group of people are selected, and the moderator manages the discussion.
FIG has an advantage over IDI on collecting more opinions since multiple people join the research. We can collect opinions of individuals having some common interest or characteristics unless the contents are sensitive.

Global Inbound

We support interview research based on the request from consulting firms or research agencies outside of Japan, which got an order of research from a global pharmaceutical company

Global Outbound

For domestic pharmaceutical companies and healthcare/healthtech companies, when those clients conduct product development, marketing, and business evolution around the world, we support primary and secondary market research, decision making and strategy formulation based on market forecast.
Staff who have knowledge about overseas medical information support you.