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Feature 1: [Large panel]

Cross Marketing owns general consumer panel that has 2 million people. It enables us to research patients with various diseases and conditions.

Feature 2: [Disease Database]

We build database of 300 thousand people with more than 200 conditions and diseases by periodically confirming data such as conditions, diseases, doctor’s vision, prescription, and so on in the large panel.
We can simulate procurable sample size by telling us the target disease

Feature 3: [Prevalence Rate Research]

For diseases and requirements that we cannot simulate in our database, we can conduct prevalence rate research for free in advance.

Feature4: [Global]

We have network collecting patients outside Japan in addition to inside Japan.

Symptom examples

Hay fever
Eye fatigue
Eye itch
Dry eye
Menstrual pain
Stiff shoulder
Low back pain
Neck stiffness
Stomach poor
Chronic headache
Car sickness



Myocardial infarction
Chronic heart failure
Acute heart failure
Cerebral infarction
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Liver cirrhosis
Reflux esophagitis
Autonomic imbalance
Psychic trauma stress disorder
Parkinson’s disease
Type 1 diabetes