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In Market Intelligence, we offer a full range of primary research services with a focus on the healthcare field. We provide meaningful information to our clients by conducting optimal research and analysis based on extensive experience and accumulated knowledge on the distinct characteristics and needs specific to certain areas of specialization.

Market Intelligence Services

Numerous primary research studies conducted year-round

Our Market Intelligence team offers a comprehensive service that covers everything from planning/implementation of optimal primary research to tabulation, analysis, and reporting of results, with the aim of helping clients manage challenges and problem-solve.
With experience conducting numerous surveys each year, our world-class employees will support you at every step in delivering the most optimal and cost-effective research to meet your specific needs.


Problem-Solving that Meets Your Needs


Research and analysis based on extensive knowledge and experience in the healthcare field

Research in the healthcare sector requires a high level of literacy and industry understanding of disease areas, treatment methods, and the healthcare system, and often requires a different approach to research design than is required for consumer goods.
Medilead has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the specialized field of healthcare. Through a deep understanding of your issues and needs, our team will strive to bring your research to life with their know-how.


Our Research Panel

At Medilead, we have conducted a variety of research on a wide audience that includes healthcare professionals, people with diseases/symptoms of concern, and general consumers.

Our company maintains a proprietary database on those with diseases/symptoms of concern called the Medilead Healthcare Panel (MHP). MHP conducts regular surveys from a panel of approximately 4.2 million people and has accumulated a database of up-to-date information on approximately 400,000 respondents, mainly pertaining to those with diseases or symptoms of concern. This information is readily available for use by our clients.


Value-Added Output

Our Market Intelligence department is not only about simply conducting research and presenting facts—we also strive to provide value-added output that directly links to solutions to our clients’ problems through our research knowledge and experience.


Service Examples

At Medilead, we primarily receive inquiries from pharmaceutical companies to conduct research on both treatments still in development and post-launch products. The following are some examples on how research results can be applied, taking into account recent trends in research.

Market Assessment for New Drugs

To assess the marketability of a new drug, it is necessary to understand not only the specifications and potential of the target drug itself, but also the competitive environment of its market and various other factors unique to the healthcare market such as processes for pricing and distribution.
We provide multifaceted market and sales forecasts for our clients to use in their decision-making based on our knowledge of the market.


Building Marketing Strategy

After a product has launched, we can help bolster marketing activities by conducting research to more clearly identify the product’s key points of appeal and the optimal target population.
By assessing what features of a product should be emphasized and how, we can help uncover key elements that can become the foundation for effective core messages and provide advice on developing marketing strategies.


Creative Development

What kind of phrases or expressions will be the most effective at drawing interest and conveying the core message of a new drug, while also accounting for the various restrictions that may apply?
We conduct creative evaluations from this perspective to provide clients with insights and an understanding that can help inform decision-making and the production of creative materials that clients can be satisfied with. In most cases, these researches are conducted as a 3-step process in which the reach and acceptance of the selling message is first analyzed from various perspectives via qualitative research, followed by the development of a hypothesis on which expressions resonate, which is then further assessed/confirmed via quantitative research.


Patient Journey Research

Research done in the healthcare field has traditionally been aimed at doctors. In recent years, however, there is a growing tendency to focus on the needs of the patients in addition to those of healthcare professionals.
At Medilead, we have conducted an increasing number of research projects related to the "patient journey.” A patient journey follows the path a patient with a particular disease has taken from the time of onset up to the present. This framework is much like the "customer journey" used in general marketing.
We help fulfill the unmet needs of patients with specific diseases by uncovering insights about the struggles they are experiencing during different phases in their journey.


Post-launch Product Research

We provide recommendations that can be used as a basis for considering future sales and marketing strategies upon gaining a detailed understanding of the state of the current market, including market evaluation of new and existing products, market share, and strengths/weaknesses compared to competitor products. These researches are mainly conducted as fixed-point observations, but some clients have requested long-term tracking of the same product over a period of five or more years.


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