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Equipped with extensive domain knowledge and experience, our team of experts offers one-stop support for research planning, data analysis, and academic publication. Our services are centered on the core competency of evidence generation.

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We are a small, specialized organization with a strong understanding of the healthcare field.

Our Data Science department consists of a small team of skilled members who can handle everything from project planning to data analysis. By fully utilizing each team member’s domain knowledge and analytical skills, we have established a track record of success.
We prioritize understanding the background—why the evidence is significant to our clients—and propose solutions through effective project planning and optimized analysis.


Research and analysis examples

RWD Analysis (Medical Receipt Database, etc.)

Quantitative Survey Research & Analysis(Multivariate analysis, etc.)

Qualitative Survey Research & Analysis(Test Mining, etc.)

Literature Reviews(SLR: Systematic Literature Review、TLR: Targeted Literature Review)

We provide support throughout the entire research process, including planning, any dealings with the Ethics Review Committee, and publication.


Flexible evidence generation through MHP,
our proprietary panel database.

Our MHP (Medilead Healthcare Panel) is a unique healthcare database that is scalable based on the client’s needs. MHP functions both as a survey database and a large-scale panel that is updated annually, allowing prospective researches to be conducted with respondents selected using pre-existing information from the database. Even if you can’t find the exact information you need in a receipt database or anywhere else, we can assist in evidence generation by acquiring and creating new data.


Extensive experience providing support for Health Technology Assessment (HTA).

Since the pilot implementation of our service in 2016, we have helped clients evaluate their cost-effectiveness. With Dr. Ataru Igarashi—Japan’s leading expert in HTA—as our advisor, we have continued to provide support for multiple projects via robust evidence generation and strategic planning even after our official implementation in 2019.


Service Examples

Research on the status of evaluations by HTA agencies in other countries

Developing new cost-efficiency models

Adapting foreign cost-efficiency models for the Japanese market

Evidence generation for cost-efficiency models (RWD Analysis, QoL Research, etc.)

Report generation based on the C2H (Center for Outcomes Research and Economic Evaluation for Health) format

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