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Web Research
Respondents Physicians
Disease Hepatitis
Specialized area Gastroenterology
Research Objectives Understanding actual treatment situation before/after new drug approval, intention of prescribing new drug, patients
segmentation and distribution based on their treatment, tracking important indicators.
Our service Confirming key points of actual treatment situation before/after new drug approval, intention of prescribing
new drug and the role of new drug in their treatment regimen , and expecting the change of market structure

Respondents Physicians
Disease Alzheimer disease
Specialized area Neurology, Psychotherapy, Neurosurgery, and internal medicine
Research Objectives Assessing the impact of new message detail and collecting data assisting sales activities
Our service Confirming receptivity of effective key messages and creating effective key message patterns

Respondents Patients
Disease Lung and breast cancer
Specialized area
Research Objectives To clarify the view points of daily life, events in their treatment, their requests for medical facilities and
pharmaceutical companies, and their anxiety and psychology in relation to their treatment
Our service Suggestion in relation to cancer treatment and action of pharmaceutical companies from patients’ view points

Real World Data
Respondents Physicians
Disease Colorectal cancer
Specialized area Medical oncology
Research Objectives Assessing the feasibility of repositioning a certain medication
Our service Statistical analysis of electronic health records, Text data mining, and suggesting the feasibility of drug repositioning