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Managing Director / CEO

Susumu Kamei

Significantly contributed to developing Internet Research market as an executive member of Infoplant (later became Macromil).
Joined Cross Marketing to lead marketing research businesses, and have served as board director of Cross Marketing Group – the holding company of the group.
In 2015, he lead the integration of healthcare research teams and founded Medilead Inc.

Director Marketing Research Dept. General Manager

Jun Takehana

Experienced brand manager and product planning of major products at a foreign car maker.
Belonged to marketing research section and managed large scale researches on client side such as car clinic and CS researches.
In 2007, joined Research and Development, Inc. and held the following important posts; Team Manager of CS dept. Global team, General Manager of Global Customer service dept.
Executed global research projects in many different industries such as consumer goods, service and entertainment and gradually sifted research area towards healthcare and medical fields.
One of the start-up members of Medilead, Inc. as a director from the start until present.

Board Director, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Kinya Kokubo PhD., MBA, ME.c

Master of Economics From Hokkaido University.
Doctor of Business Administration from Tsukuba University.
Over 15 years experience as Strategic consultant in Healthcare/Medical and ICT arena, Think tank for central bureaucracy.
Served as Manager at Zacatii Consulting, Principal at Nomura Research Institute, and then joined Medilead as board member.
Has extensive experience providing solutions addressing business challenges of the client companies such as management strategies, business strategies, R&D strategies, new business creation, and marketing strategies.
Has rich knowledge in Real World Data and Evidence, and Health Economics analysis.
Has provided lots of policy recommendations to central bureau concerning nurturing industry.
Currently also serve as Associate Professor of International Politics and Economics. Has published lots of academic articles and books.

Keiichi Sakai

Kouji Onoduka